Spring Blush

Spring Blush - design detailQuite a while ago (this is me admitting to a long-lived UFO), I designed a table topper featuring scalloped borders.

I came across some vintage linen online, that caught my eye. A sheer table cloth edged with yellow scalloped borders. I searched and found another in a similar style, this time with blue borders and appliqued flowers… the description mentioned Madeira, organdy and linen. I haven’t been able to find those same images again. Despite many searches I haven’t been able to find any history or real information about this style of linen either. Almost all similar images are from ebay and sites that sell vintage linen. The photos below are the best I could find to show you the style of linen I mean. I found them here and here.

Madeira - organdy with linen 1  Madeira - organdy with linen 2

I designed myself a scalloped border, and a smaller variation for the centre. I borrowed a floral design from my “Hannah’s Garden” quilt and put it all together. The pattern sheets were finalised… the border and petal applique was prepared and stitched… I even started writing the pattern instructions!

Spring Blush - preturned needleturn

And then it was all put aside. You know how it is. Other projects have to take priority and before you know it months slip by. Eight months in fact.

In May, I pulled my scalloped piece out of hiding and finished the embroidery. I was in two minds about adding pieced borders, but eventually decided to go with it. I figure if they’re in the pattern, someone can choose for themselves whether to add them or not.  A very thin batting was chosen and I sent it off to Leanne the quilter. Lastly, I added a facing-finish binding. It always feels good to have a project reach completion doesn’t it?

Spring Blush - facing finish binding

The process isn’t always a speedy one and this particular project has been very patient with me.

Spring Blush Table Topper

“Spring Blush” uses just 5 fabrics… 4 chosen in your favourite colour and an off-white fabric to contrast. I combined a freezer paper and gluestick method of applique, with simple embroidery, patchwork borders and a “facing finish binding”. It was fun to make and I can see more scallops in my stitching future.

Spring Blush - two toned table topper

I’m really happy with the end result. Two tone projects are some of my favourites. You can find more photos of “Spring Blush” here. You can also find patterns available at The Patchwork Tea House.
What would your colour choice be?

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  1. This looks beautiful Melissa 🙂

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