“Doilies by Priscilla”

My love of vintage haberdashery and pattern publications is no secret. I’ve had a few happy discoveries online and in thrift stores, but this addition to my collection was discovered by Mum. Thanks Mum!!

“Doilies by Priscilla- Coats & Clark’s Book No. 122”, was published by J. & P. Coats (Canada) Limited. I’ve searched cover to cover, but can’t find a publication date. Google tells me both 1961 and 1962.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 1

I think the diagrams inside the front cover would make wonderful ecru stitcheries. Stitching the middle one has just been added to my “must do” list.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 3

I’ve studied each page and am inspired to learn how to crochet with skill. I have crocheted before… but not with skill. I’m truly envious of those with even tension. Sigh.

This design is a bit me. Leafy things have always been a favourite. The four-branched motif in the centre would also work as needleturn applique or semi-detached applique, filling a square quilt block.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 4

This one reminds me of the scarves everyone’s crocheting at the moment. I’ve seen similar patterns for them in our local yarn store.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 10

The above photo is a closeup of the page. Are you ready for the full photo? Does your dressing table look like this? Did it use to look like this?

Coats & Clark's Doilies 7

Love the “still life styling” here. Note to self – must have a bunch of grapes handy when  photographing my next project.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 9

Crocheted violets could be sweet as an embellishment. They’d work well on a certain little girl’s headband, hairclip or cardigan… if I had that elusive crocheting skill.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 6

Coats & Clark's Doilies 5

There you have it. A little tour of Mum’s vintage discovery. I do love a doily. They pop up in my photos frequently… but never with fruit, generally not with a lamp, and not with a figurine… yet.

Coats & Clark's Doilies 2

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