Up until recently, I had a good sized sewing and work space at one end of our living area. It was fenced with a large playpen, allowing me to work with 2 year old Hannah close by. Little fingers were kept safe from pins, scissors and sewing machine and I could come and go from the space, without having to pack up. This setup worked nicely for the last couple of years… well, except for the “hurdling the playpen” part.

With One Day in May (and Hannah) growing, and in anticipation of printing and distributing from home, it was time for a change. Slowly, we’ve begun organising a separate studio and office space. While necessary, its also a truly exciting milestone for me.
A few weeks ago we began the hunt for some suitable office furniture. We struck gold, of the vintage storage variety, on day one!

Pattern Drawers 1

There’s no sign or indication of the life these drawers had in years past, but someone out there must have known what their future held. Its like they were custom made for One Day in May patterns! The perfect fit!

Pattern Drawers 2

Each drawer is just the right width and height, but that’s not the best bit. They’re also a very generous 60cm deep. Just one draw holds almost 250 patterns! And there are 9 draws this size. Nine!! Is it ok to be this excited about storage?

Pattern Drawers 3

Whatever it’s history… and despite it’s additional usefulness as a “weighing station for parcels”, “rustic backdrop for pattern cover photo shoots”and “displayer of essential vintage things”, this piece will now be affectionately known as “The Pattern Drawers”.

Pattern Drawers 5

Here they are in the new studio/office… right next to the “The Wadding Stash Suitcases”!

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  1. Fee

    Totally love them ! What an awesome score ! Well Done xx

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