Hannah's Garden - row by row quilt
Hannah's Garden - One Day in MayHannah's Garden - Birds in the Treetops and Anemone rowsHannah's Garden - Birds in the Treetops closeupHannah's Garden - Bees in the Blossom closeupHannah's Garden - Bees in the Blossom closeupHannah's Garden - Magnolias and Dancing ButterfliesHannah's Garden - Magnolias closeupHannah's Garden - Dancing Butterflies closeupHannah's Garden - Dragonflies at the LilypondHannah's Garden - Dragonflies at the Lilypond closeupHannah's Garden - Leaf-cross rowHannah's Garden - dimensional detailHannah's Garden closeupsHannah's Garden - pattern folderHannah's Garden - inside pattern folder

Hannah’s Garden


A set of seven A5 sized booklets with full-colour covers, full-sized pattern sheets, and an abundance of illustrative photos and diagrams. The booklets come in a lovely presentation folder complete with 3 complimentary “Hannah’s Garden” gift tags.

“Hannah’s Garden” is sewn row by row, incorporating embroidery, needleturn appliqué, embroidered appliqué and patchwork. Five rows also feature leaves or flowers created with semi-detached appliqué, made with fused, double-sided fabric. This style of applique casts a small shadow, adding an element of dimension to the panels. Semi-detached applique is a simple technique that can be also be used to enhance other projects.

Stitch by stitch, row by row… create “Hannah’s Garden…with birds in the treetops, dancing butterflies, bees in the blossom, dragonflies at the lilypond, budding magnolias, anemone patchwork blocks, leaf-cross patchwork blocks and more.

Product Description

Finished size – 31″ x 49″ ( 79cm x 124.5cm )

A Seven Part quilt pattern, Hannah’s Garden is a row by row quilt combining embroidery, patchwork, needleturn applique and semi-detached applique to add a little dimension.