A Little Bee

About three years ago, I met a little bee. He was busy and content, flitting around the violets.

For the Love of Violets - bee pocket closeup For the Love of Violets - bee pocket

Not too long after, I was stitching Row 5 of “Hannah’s Garden” and I saw him again… right there between the leaves with three of his friends.

Hannah's Garden - Bees in the Blossom closeup Hannah's Garden - One Day in May

I thought I’d seen the last of him… almost 2 years had passed since our last encounter. Then, quite unexpectedly, there he was… this time in a group of five. He said he didn’t have time to chat. Spring has sprung you see and there’s too much work to do. The blossom has bloomed.

Bees in the Blossom - centre panel

My latest design, “Bees in the Blossom”,  is a small decorative piece featuring a dimensional, blossom filled wreath, simple patchwork and my five embroidered bees.
I chose the soft palette of yarn dyed fabrics for this project. Small prints, tone on tone fabrics, or linens would also give a soft look.

Bees in the Blossom - One Day in May

Bees in the Blossom - wreath

The wreath of leaves and blossom is created with needleturn applique, semi-detached applique and embroidery. It sits over a simply pieced background that is lightly quilted. Rows of soft green and beige border the top and bottom to complete the project.

Bees in the Blossom - borders

Semi-detached applique is a wonderful way to add dimension to a project. Double-sided fabric leaves and blossom are partly attached with embroidery, allowing them to sit up from the background and cast a small shadow. This simple technique adds depth and texture to your needlework.

Bees in the Blossom - wreath closeup

More photos and details of “Bees in the Blossom” can be found here. Kits in the same fabrics as pictured will soon be available from Patchwork Passion.

Bees in the Blossom - bee closeup

I’ve enjoyed seeing my little friend. I wonder if we’ll meet again.

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  1. an exquisite design in beautiful subtle colors combined with the lovely dimensional flowers.

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