Where is my curling iron?

This evening I've been thumbing through this 1946 book of nursery rhymes, which I was delighted to find in a local op-shop.
I think its wonderful to have it in this condition, framed with tape and thoroughly enjoyed. It has been decorated beautifully throughout too. Splashes of drawing and colouring in… a certain little person has loved it very well.
The book was published in London. Do you think the title refers to the fact that 1946 was post war?

Where is my curling iron?

There are many sweet illustrations inside… a great inspiration for stitchery and such.
But tonight's favourite is definitely this ditty.

Where is my curling iron?

You get the cushion and I'll get the strawberries!
(If only I had curly locks!)

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  1. Very sweet! I haven’t explored nursery rhymes in a very long time.

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