Little by Little…

The past 4 months have been filled with all things baby.
Hannah One Day In May 2013
Hannah is a joy, blossoming in a new way each day… and she couldn't be sweeter.
In between "all things baby" I have been positively itching to get back into work.

And little by little… there's been designing, dreaming, planning and best of all STITCHING!
Some pretty fabrics and lovely felted wool.
Lots of applique preparation and oodles of blanket stitch. 
Blue and Green Quilt One Day In May 7
Blue on white and white on blue… a little green for fun and I'm loving it!
Blue and Green Quilt One Day In May 3
Today has been filled with satin stitch spots!
Forty spots, and all of them green…
Blue and Green Quilt One Day In May 8
The applique and embroidery of the first 2 blocks is almost complete. The white petals will be blanket stitched tomorrow… "all things baby" permitting.

I love how the blocks have come up and I just can't decide which one is my favourite. I change my mind every day. 
Blue and Green Quilt One Day In May 5
But, something I was not expecting… a little discovery while hanging them out to dry today!

This quilt will match my backyard perfectly! How did that happen?
Not entirely sure that's a good thing!!
Blue and Green Quilt One Day In May 6

2 more blocks to stitch after these… little by little.

4 Responses

  1. anita kroll

    Love the look of it and perfect colors. Will this become a pattern for us to purchase?

    Your baby is adorable!!!!

  2. Very cute little one Melissa…I bet you are loving having her in your lives! Love the colours you are using….and the pattern…so pretty!

  3. Oh, Melissa, she’s a beauty! What joy! I am loving your new design and can’t wait to see more! The colors are gorgeous, and you are right, it matches your backyard perfectly. ~karen

  4. Jen

    Love that you are finding time to stitch again Melissa. Little Hannah is adorable. Hope you are visitng AQC next month, I would love to meet your sweet little girl and catch up with you.
    love Jen

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