May Love Grow Here…

Some designs float around in the mind for a long time before they're stitched. There is planning, consideration, changing of the mind, more planning. Some projects have a very slow beginning.
Others seem to just "happen" all of a sudden. The idea seems to come from nowhere in particular… there's a bit of an itch to make it straight away… and somehow… miraculously there just happens to be free time to play.
All the "designing planets" seemed to align one particular day this year. And this is the result.
"May Love Grow Here"
A framed piece, combining stitchery, piecing, semi-detached applique and a little felted wool.
Finished size 13 ½" x 15 ½" , to suit an 8" x 10" (shown) or an 11" x 14" frame.
May Love Grow Here 3 One Day In May May Love Grow Here 4 One Day In May
A felted wool dove sits in her redwork tree. You'll find the tree bears the sweetest of fruit.
May Love Grow Here 6 One Day In May
The semi-detached leaves are made with double sided-fabric and attached with just 2 stitches at the centre of each leaf. This allows the tips of the leaves to sit up a little, adding a lovely 3D effect to the design.
May Love Grow Here 7 One Day In May
Semi-detached applique is well suited to even the smallest shapes and is a great way to embellish any project. These leaves are less than a centimetre long… much to small to attach with usual applique techniques. Size isn't an issue with semi-detached applique.
I love the freedom that it gives me in design
May Love Grow Here 1 One Day In May
"May Love Grow Here" can be ordered through your local patchwork store. You can find links for some One Day In May stockists at the top left of this blog.
Please visit Pattern Press, if you would like to become a stockist.
To see the entire One Day In May pattern range, take a peek at my Pattern Catalogue. Photo albums for each design can also be found in the right sidebar of the blog.
…until next time, happy stitching,

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  1. Adorable pattern!

  2. Ondrea Delahoy

    How sweet is that! Love it!

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