An island visit…

The last few days have been bursting with sunshine, and I was lucky enough to be down at Raymond Island to enjoy them. Raymond Island is located in the Gippsland Lakes… it's a haven for holiday makers, sailing enthusiasts and where I go to visit my Mum!
It's just a quick ferry trip across from Paynesville… and there is always something interesting to see on the way across. Sometimes you'll see swans, sometimes swallows skimming the top of the water for a drink. Sometimes you can even be lucky enough to spot a pod of The Lakes' very own species of dolphin. This time we came across this enormous family of ducks. It's very difficult to do a head count, and to get them all in one photo, but we counted 23 little ducklings one morning!! That's a lot of kids to keep track of!
RI 1
The island is perfect for strolling, along the water's edge…
RI 2
and into the bush.
RI 3
Mum's home is on this road and sits directly across from the National Park. Walking to the letterbox is more like a nature walk!
I found the blossoming wattle really striking this particular morning.
I also love the streaks of colour displayed on this gumtree trunk.
RI 5
Raymond Island is famous for it's abundance of wildlife. This Spring, there is a tawny frogmouth nesting at the end of Mum's driveway. For my international visitors, this is what they look like. On the right you can see a display of their "super power"… haha. They disguise themselves by pointing their beak in the air and stretching their body out on an angle to look like part of a tree.
Tawny frogmouth

They are so funny to watch, all rigid and determined to be undetectable. I must say it does work well as they are quite hard to spot. Can you see her on her nest?
Nesting Tawny frog mouth
If she thinks you're not looking, she'll have a little wriggle to get comfortable. But, the second she feels watched, she's all stiff again.
Nesting Tawny frog mouth 2
The koalas are also numerous on the island and can sometimes make a huge racket at night… bounding across the roof and grunting. If you didn't know what the noise was it would be really quite frightening. The big boys are truly quite big and heavy. This sleepy little lady was in the same tree as the tawny frogmouth and didn't seem to mind my presence too much. 
Sleepy koala
She stirred from her sleep momentarily to strike a pose for the camera.
Sleepy koala 2
Isn't she sweet?
I'm looking forward to my next visit, and hope to see some little tawny frogmouth hatchlings. 
Back to work for now though… I have a big few weeks of stitching ahead.
Until next time,
Melissa  x 

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