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I've noticed lots of visitors from all over the world this week, here and on the One Day In May facebook page. I really enjoy the quilting and crafting community online.
We are so fortunate to be able share, connect, learn and find inspiration from each other so easily… but the most precious thing is the fact that our mutual love of creating draws us together… no matter where we live, and despite all variations in culture, background or life circumstances.

One Day In May scroll design

I'd like to invite you all to leave a comment, telling us…
~ Who you are ~
~ Where you are from ~
~ A little about yourself ~
Please add links to your facebook pages, websites and particularly blogs, if you have any,
so we can visit you too and share in your creative world.

One Day In May scroll design - Copy

I look forward to getting to know you, lovely readers, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as me. 
The past few days have been all about pattern writing here… 
I'm determined to finish today, so I am able to launch 2 Christmas patterns on Monday.
O' Christmas Tree flying bird One Day In May

A couple of months ago I designed some projects for the Quilt Fabric Delights Christmas In July event… It was lots of fun for everyone involved.
Now it's time to release those designs for everyone to enjoy… just a few finishing touches and they'll be ready.

Deck the Halls Table Runner ~ holly detail

Mmm… I always seem to love stitching more when there is the "paper variety of work" to attend to.
Dreaming of variegated red leaves and ~ curls ~ today. 
Until next time,
Melissa  x

3 Responses

  1. Hi Melissa and Friends!
    My name is Annie Hayes. Greetings from Twin Cities of St.Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota~USA…home of Mall of America!

    I’ve been a quilter over 30 years, as well as, a quilt collector. Amish quilts are my specialty and I marvel at their color palette and extraordinary quality of their hand quilting (10 stitches per inch). Anything to do with fabric interests me: cross-stitching, crafting, sewing and clothing design (I used to be a bridal and lingerie designer)are most of all, quilting!

    I have an entire quilting & sewing studio in the lower level of my home and lots of fabrics to play with. Over the years, I’ve also collected many quilting templates that allow me to indulge in my passion, hand quilting with feather stitching designs.

    I’m back in college studying computer forensics and this semester, I’m focusing on digital photography, graphic design and digital imaging. Life may be busy, but life is good!

    Currently, I’m writing two books: one about fabric crafts for creating wonderful things in the home such as~ quilts, table runners, table linens & bed linens. My second book is all about tea! It will include tons recipes, photographs and how-to’s on creating lovely tea cozies, placemats, napkins or table linens…I’ll have instructions (with plenty of pictures). I love baking and cooking and you can find lots of ideas for enjoying the simple joys of creating a warm and inviting home on my blogs.

    The quilting and crafting communities are the most creative and inspiring groups online! I love sharing ideas, patterns and fabrics with fellow quilters and crafters!

    My blogs are: &

    Please feel free to join me on my facebook blog!!

    Melissa, thank you for allow us to share our love of creating fabric on your blog!

    Annie Hayes at Willow Cottage
    Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis) Minnesota, USA

  2. Hi Melissa & friends

    My name is Jennifer and I live in Cowes on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. For those who do not know about Phillip Island it is famous for quite a few things – the motor cycle GP where you can almost feel the island tilt as there is approximately 45,000 visitors on that weekend! and of course the little penguins that come in every night. We have bus loads of visitors from all over the world to see them waddle onto the beach. Very cute.

    Our house is two blocks from the beach and we are able to see the ocean from our top storey.

    I am also the owner of Embellish A Little, I make and handpaint porcelain and ceramic buttons as well I have just started designing wooden buttons which are also handpainted. My website is

    Life is very busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I look forward to reading other blogs that come through Melissa’s page.

  3. Peg

    Hi, My name is Peg Gilham and I live in a small town west of Indianapolis, IN. I love to sew, quilt, craft, garden and cook. I love to make things for other people and try to brighten peoples day with a smile or a compliment.
    I have 4 children, 9 grandchildren and one great-grandaughter. It seems that I have started collecting and working on old Singer sewing machines. I now have three with the oldest being 1919. I did work on a friends that was a 1911 that had shuttles instead of bobbins and had a hand crank. (We think we have it rough). I have two furry friends, a maltipoo named
    Tuffy (which is a very accurate name) and a min poodle named Smokey (sweetest dog in the world). I just enjoy retirement and doing what I’m doing!

    Mot real exciting but I’m happy!

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