With a thankful heart…

I've put aside my current projects for a few days, as my head and heart have been filled with other things. So many feelings evolve from watching the widespread heartbreak across our flooded country. It begins with deep sadness and worry. What has settled on my heart, however, is thankfulness.
I am a complainer, plain and simple. If not always in word (but pretty often), almost always in attitude. There is the constant need to improve things, the home, the yard… our lives in general. I tend to focus on what isn't right or what still needs doing. And generally I'm not happy until it's fixed. Days can come and go without a second thought to how much I have to be thankful for. It's not that I can't see and appreciate all that is good in my life… I just don't remember to reflect on it and be thankful for it.
I'm a bit behind schedule, but I think I've decided on a resolution for 2011. I want to live with a different attitude… an attitude of gratitude, respect for the many blessings in my life and with a thankful and generous heart.
 A thankful Heart One Day In May 1 
  This week, stitching feels different. It's been a little like meditation. My mind is filled with emotions, the plight of others and the appreciation for all that I have.
 A thankful Heart One Day In May 2

Sometimes there are tears. But as the days roll on, I am inspired as I watch the generosity shown from one person to another in the flood "clean-up" efforts. Even from those who have lost everything themselves. I so admire their generous, giving spirit.

A thankful Heart One Day In May 3 
I am also very proud of Australia's craft industry. There are numerous fund-raising efforts taking place, in the form of auctions across blogland and facebook.
Take a look at the Make It Perfect blog by Toni. Toni and team will be posting "The Master List" on Sunday night, of all the auctions happening across many craft and quilting blogs next week. You can read more about the auctions here. Not only is it a great way to be able to give to the people of Queensland, there are some fantastic items up for grabs… a once in a lifetime opportunity. Natalie, of Cinderberry Stitches, is offering up one of her original quilts, for example.
Recovery will be slow and long lasting in the devastated areas. Money is the best way we can help… so please… have a look at your favourite blogs and check "The Master List" on Sunday night, over at Make It Perfect. Some blogs are using the form of a raffle instead, which may be more financially manageable for some. There are plenty of auctions to choose from, many ways to give.
Until next time,
Melissa  x

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  1. It’s gorgeous Melissa! and you have Mum and I completely intrigued by the sweet little rose. It is just devine and we are hoping that you bring out a mini pattern for it so we can make some for ourselves. I fancy a red rambling rose ric rac (what a mouthful lol)
    Keep up the beautiful work, you will go far!
    Cheers for now ~ Katie

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