Waterlily Dreaming ~ a pattern update…

I'm really happy to say, that I've been receiving some great feedback for my patterns, Waterlily Dreaming ~ Needle Keep and Brooch. I'm told the patterns are easy to follow… which is music to my ears!!
Waterlily Dreaming patterns One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant
Last week, through customer feedback, I became aware of an error in the fabric requirements, listed on the back of the Waterlily Dreaming pattern covers. Just one little word…
I had noted that the 1st print needs to be lighter than the 2nd print. It should read "darker".

This will result in the inner petals of the lily being darker than the outer petals {the opposite to the lily shown on the pattern covers}. I have made lilies with lighter and darker centres… but do prefer the look of the darker petals being on the outside.
I couldn't tell you how many times the patterns were checked and rechecked. But I guess no matter how hard we try, sometimes errors like this sneak through undiscovered. Thus far the pattern itself proves to be correct, and the fact that people are saying it is enjoyable and easy to understand has put a great big smile on my face.
I have adjusted the covers to now read as follows…
Waterlily Dreaming ~ Needle Keep
Waterlily Dreaming ~ Needle Keep pattern cover correction
Waterlily Dreaming ~ Brooch
Waterlily Dreaming ~ Brooch pattern cover correction
If you have recently bought a Waterlily Dreaming pattern, please make note of the change. My apologies to anyone following my patterns, and finding this error confusing.
As of today, you can find a "Pattern Corrections and Alterations" page over on the right hand side of the blog. Any future pattern alterations will be listed here. I welcome all customer feedback. It's an important tool in finding missed errors such as this one, and helps me to create an all round better product. Providing a quality pattern that you will enjoy creating is my highest priority.
And on that note, I'll be busy working on my applique bird pattern this weekend…
I love this little chap!

Bird applique One Day In May

Until next time,
Melissa  x


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  1. Thank you for the blog follow. I lover your roses, they are beautiful!!! Good luck with the patterns.

    Stitched Together