The Monbulk Community Quilt Show…

In a little over a week, a very special event will be taking place in Monbulk, located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.

Why so special you ask? In the hills we very much need and appreciate the services of our CFA. The Monbulk Fire & Rescue Brigade consists of over 30 members and 4 vehicles. This service, that we often take for granted, is provided by volunteers. Their hard work and availabilty to serve our community is something we absolutely rely on, particularly during those hot, windy, fire-prone days.

Monbulck CFA 2 Monbulk CFA 1 

The Monbulk Community Craft Show, will not only be a really great day out for quilters and crafters. The event will also raise much needed funds for the Monbulk Brigade. So why not take a trip to the hills on Saturday, March 19th. The gorgeous rain forest is so lush this year… the drive itself will be just beautiful.

Here are the details of the show.

Monbulk Community Quilt Show 
For more please visit Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop Blog. There are also some silent auctions happening at Mrs. Martins. Jennifer Knol is a popular local quilt designer. She's known for her pink and green quilts. This is a great opportunity to become the proud owner of an original. Aren't they just beautiful?

Quilts for Silent Auction at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop 
Two gorgeous quilts to choose from… so do head on over and have a look.

Until next time,

Melissa  x

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