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For the Love of Violets…

Isn't it funny, how we sometimes don't notice things until we see them in a new environment! Just after my 15th birthday, I travelled to Germany to spend a year on exchange.
The family I lived with had a lovely home with a large semi-landscaped meadow and pond at the rear of the...

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Coming up roses! ~ A pattern launch and a giveaway…

I spent the Easter break with my head down, putting together my newest pattern. With the computer choosing to spontaneously freeze at critical moments... with my frustration at "things not happening quickly enough"... Easter chocolate came in pretty handy. Funny how chocolate can just hit the spot, soothing the frustrated and impatient soul. : ) 


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Introducing ~ As Roses Bloom (PART 2)

"As Roses Bloom" is the newest "One Day In May"creation. It's been quite a while blossoming from the early stages to a completed design... lots of experimentation with the dimensional aspects, trying to get them just right. A little while ago I introduced you to the baby sister of this design Read more

Introducing ~ As Roses Bloom (PART 1)

A combination of gorgeous woolen felt, variegated thread, applique and dimensional roses... "As Roses Bloom" is my very latest design. This soft romantic pillow is just half of my soon to be released pattern. Stay posted for show and tell of the "As Roses Bloom" ~ Mini Quilt!

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