Summer days…

It's a fine line… making good use of these commitment free summer days and relaxing. During the year it can be quite hard finding an extended period of time to do anything like stitching, pattern writing, gardening. It often feels to me, that as soon as I've settled into any kind of rhythm… it's school pick up time or time to fit in the supermarket shop, before school pick up time.
 So, as a result, I am quite eager to get a good deal done in the next weeks. BUT… these post Christmas, Summer days! They're quite persistent in lulling me into that lazy, sleepy existence… you know… everyone's on holidays, nothing in particular has to happen… forget the washing, cooking… rest… relax. 
However, I am on a mission,… seize these stitching opportunities I say! So many ideas to get on paper and sewn up. Now is the time… strike while the iron's hot! Anyway, stitching is relaxing… right?
Dragonflies One Day In May
You're right. I should take my time, enjoying the colours and the texture of the thread… mmm, I love the texture of thread. Hey, I could stitch in the sun on the verandah… feet up. That sounds like "enjoying the stitching". I could watch the dragonflies (they seem so prolific this season… maybe it's all the rain we've been having).
Dragonflies and lilies One Day In May
Actually, now that I'm out here, I might just put my head back for a moment and listen to the birds. You know I could close my eyes for just a little while…
zzz…Until next time,
Melissa  x

5 Responses

  1. love it!!!! I am stitching too!

  2. How Exciting!! Can’t wait to see 🙂

  3. I’m hearing you on these lazy Summer days…so hard to get motivated to do anything but relax!

  4. I have some tutorials on my blog if you want to see. They are in my sidebar 🙂

  5. Thank you May, for your visit and your comment. I have added your hexagon quilt tutorial to the library!