Rose coloured glasses…

Today we are celebrating,
and are beginning to see all things
through rose coloured glasses!

Pink roses
Baby Girl Announcement ~ One Day In May
In happy anticipation,
Melissa  x

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  1. Yay. Baby girls are so lovely!

  2. Congratulations. My baby is 26 now. She did so many things. She danced for 15 years and loved every minute of it. She was on swim team, played volley ball, loved her American Girl doll – I’m sure they have one like that in Australia – and was president of Interact the high school club that did charitable acts in the community.

    Many many happy days ahead. AND look what mommy can make her!

    Mary Fioretti
    Algoqnuin, Illinois USA

  3. Helen S

    Congratulations, Melissa. What wonderful news. I have 2 girls (I also have 2 boys), and 4 grandaughters (and 2 grandsons).
    I hope that you will keep well and your baby, too.

  4. Oh the wonderful sweet teeny things you will be able to make .

  5. Oh Melissa, so so happy for you. What a blessing! Will we see some new baby quilt designs soon?

  6. Wonderful ‘rosy’ news Melissa…keep well!

  7. Kathleen

    Congrats! Having had both boy and girl, I can honestly say girls are the most fun!

  8. de

    Lots of pretty pink things in your future……….

  9. Congratulations, my daughter found out 3 weeks ago that she is having a girl so we are knee deep in pink.

  10. Conratulations to you and your family, we had 2 sons so had to wait for grandies for baby girls, now have 3, I can just imagine all the pretty things in the planning. Cheers.

  11. A beautiful little girl, congratulations ..

  12. congratulations!! lots of pink dreams for her 🙂

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