Reverse applique, lace… and more lace.

Today I've been working on some reverse applique.

In case you haven't heard of it before…

Traditional applique is the stitching of fabrics onto the top of a background fabric to create a design. When reverse applique is applied the top fabric is cut through. The raw edges are then turned under and stitched to expose the fabric that is underneath. I've been using a method which involves freezer paper and an "applique glue pen".
I'm really happy with how simple this technique is and am in the process of fine tuning instructions for it.
Maybe I should think about putting together my first tutorial? What do you think?

I'm really enjoying the lovely vintage feel of my current project and have decided to incorporate some cotton lace into the design. There won't be a lot of it, but a hint of it here and there adds great texture to the project and will help to achieve the overall look and style I want to express.
So yesterday, I set off to find 1 metre of cotton lace. But as you know, very rarely does the "intention of purchasing" 1 metre, result in the purchase of 1 metre… especially when I stumble across something special and unexpected. Besides that, I don't know how I will actually use these down the track… so I had to make sure I had enough of each…. right?
This reasoning and justification = roughly 30 metres of lace. Don't tell anyone.
German lace One Day In May3
To the best of my knowledge, the above laces are all fairly recent. I do particularly love the one in the middle though and think it has quite an "old" look about it . The texture is relatively fine and it seems to have a certain quality about it.
German lace One Day In May2
While sorting through the shelves of lace at my local sewing machine store, I began chatting with the owner about lace and how it seems to be disappearing from many stores. It is such a shame that such beautiful works of creation have been pushed to the side, as new crafting trends come forward into the spotlight.
As I browsed and we chatted on, I found these 2 beautiful pieces. These German laces are much older… but the exact age is anyone's guess. They had been purchased by the store from a "distributor's clearance" at a quilting conference in Germany, many years ago. Her guess is that they are maybe from the 60's or 70's. Whatever their age, the quality, design and texture are really beautiful. I can't quite make up my mind whether to "collect" them or sew with them. I'm imagining the top one around a centre piece for a tabletop.
German lace One Day In May

 I met a lovely new friend this week, named Annie. She has a beautiful blog called Willow Cottage. With my renewed appreciation for lace, I enjoyed reading this post in particular. I'm longing for a good brew of coffee and some free time to sit down for a good browse through Annie's archives… pop by and pay her a visit when you get the chance.
I have 2 more reverse applique blocks to complete today, but before I go, a quick reminder…
There is a One Day In May Giveaway happening at the moment.
I have 2 of each of these new patterns to send out. Have you entered yet? Visit this post if you would like to be in the draw.
Entries close at midnight, the 29th of October.
OD7 O' Christmas Tree ~ pattern coverOD6 Deck the Halls Table Runner ~ pattern cover

 Until next time,
Melissa  x

6 Responses

  1. You found some gorgeous lace…really enjoyed this blog post…warm wishes from south Africa…where any lace is hard to find…pleased I found your lovely blog…

  2. Verna Grace

    Beautiful lace, and I would love to see a tutorial on reverse applique. I’ve seen it, but have never done it, and haven’t found much about how to do it.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are working on.

  3. Mmmmm I love your fabulous lace, and I would have done the same as you – I can’t resist some pretty old worlde goodies ;o).
    Love your reverse applique’ too, you’ve done a great job – must try that!!!
    Joy :o)

  4. Jenny Schulz

    Would love to see a tutorial Melissa – how do you come up with these ideas? I am a fan of vintage lace myself and have some of my grandmothers and my husbands aunty. I don’t use it because I haven’t found anything special enough yet – I just pull it out occasionally and look and feel it. Jen x

  5. I love the reverse applique design, it’s going to look amazing. Lucky you with the lace, I love cotton lace but very rarely find it – I’ll have to learn to make it myself!

  6. Gayle Allen

    I have heard and looked at Reverse Applique now and then. You make it sound a lot simpler than other people, oh yes I am sure I could get myself in a twist, but will certainly have a go. I have some beautiful pieces of Guipure (is that how it is spelled)lace, which I took of my Mum’s ensembles before they went to the second hand shop. Am sure she will be looking down on me and giving me a hand to get it right, haha, Mum and my Auntys all taught me a lot of
    sewing, so I have very cherished memories of those times long ago when I was a little girl. Lucky aren’t I, xo Gayle.

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