Bunny in the Blackberries ~ pouch

Bunny in the Blackberries – pouch


Bunny in the Blackberries – zipper pouch
Finished size – 8″ long x 5 1/2″ high

– A timid bunny hides in the blackberries as he keeps your treasures safe inside. The same design is reversed on the back, creating a bunny shaped pouch complete with face, tail and dimensional ears.

– All embroidery is sewn with simple stitches. Two thread colours are used together to give the blackberries and leaf veins a variegated look. The threads, and therefore colours, twist as you sew, resulting in colour variation from one stitch to the next. The embroidered blackberries are complemented with double-sided fabric flowers, cut from easily made “double-sided fabric”. The flowers are attached to the panels with central embroidery, leaving the edges free to sit up a little from the background. This adds an extra dimensional feature to the design.

– Being completely hand sewn, this design is perfect for anyone needing a portable project. The “Bunny in the Blackberries ~ zipper pouch” pattern includes iron on transfers for both embroidered panels, full sized pattern sheets and an abundance of photographic and illustrated instruction.

Please scroll down to find the “Bunny in the Blackberries” requirements list.

Product Description

Bunny in the Blackberries – zipper pouch
Finished size – 8″ long x 5 1/2″ high


Fabric Required
– “Natural” Linen – 25cm (10″) x width of fabric – bunny panels, ears and base
– Fabric for Lining the Pouch – A Fat Eighth ( I chose a white with small print)
– Lighter (Off White) Linen – 4 1/2″ square – inner ears
– A Subtle White Print – 4 1/2″ x 9″ – dimensional fabric flowers & tail
– Thin FUSIBLE Wadding/Batting – 10″ x 20″ ( I used Vlieseline H 640 Pellon)

Stranded Embroidery Thread Required
– Lighter Green – I used Cosmo 631 – for stems, leaf veins and flower centres
– Darker Green – I used Cosmo 925- for stems, leaf veins and leaf outlines
– Light-Medium Brown – I used Cosmo Seasons 369 – rabbit outlines & fur, stones
– Dark Brown – I used Cosmo 312 – rabbit’s eyes and blackberries
– Deep Red / Burgundy – I used Cosmo 246 – blackberries,
– Lighter Red – I used Cosmo 108 – blackberries, White – opening flower bud & tail fur
– Pale Pink – I used Cosmo 3651 – for inner ear detail and stamen

Notions Required
– Fusible Stabiliser – 20″ square – bunny panels, inner ears and tail
– A Beige 8″ (20cm) Dress Zipper – needs to match your natural linen
– Neutral Applique Thread – 1 x light tone and 1 x medium tone – used with the natural linen, lighter linen and zip.
– An Applique Glue Pen (and refill, as it’s used frequently in this project)
– Freezer Paper – 3″ x 4″ – fabric flowers
– Fusible Webbing – 4″ x 6″ – fabric flowers
– Wonderclips (Binding Clips) – for pouch assembly.
– I found these more practical than pins for this project.
– An ERASABLE Fabric Marker
– General sewing supplies