One year on…

Well, it has been a year since I first began dreaming of a new pattern range and indeed a new creative adventure!
One Day In May has taken me on a wonderful journey over the past 12 months… 
One Day In May dragonfly
There has been lots of experimentation and "nutting out" of new things… from figuring out how to design a logo, to beginning a blog.
I've spent lots of hours developing frown lines, while tackling technical things… but it's all worth it, when I can spend the rest of my time playing and experimenting with fabric, needle and thread.
Using dimension 6 One Day In May
Without intending it, this experimentation has resulted in a year that has been quite floral… beginning with a lily.
I have found a small detour now and then, with gathers and wreaths…
Collage One Day In May
and a bird or two
Bird collage One Day In May
But fabric petals seem to persist… and multiply!
Tiny fabric roses - One Day In May
These tiny blooms feature in a new project I have up my sleeve… to be released in a couple of months. Can hardly wait to show you!
By far, the best part of the last year has been the wonderful collection of new friends I have found, through blogging and the lovely quilting community on facebook.
At times I have been thoroughly overwhelmed with the encouragement that they…that you have given.
I can't tell you how much it means. to have so many of you take the time to comment and share.
And it is always a thrill to discover that someone in Brazil, or Denmark, or France, or Norway is reading my little blog or is making their very own One Day In May project.
I've also had the pleasure of meeting some local readers at patchwork stores, craft fairs and retreats… and have enjoyed sitting with some, while demonstrating a waterlily petal or two.
Thank you for encouraging me, for sharing this creative journey and for celebrating this year's pattern releases with me. 
Pattern covers One Day In May2
In the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing 2 Christmas designs, for you to create.
The girls who took part in Quilt Fabric Delights' Christmas In July seemed to really enjoy them. I hope you do too.
Christmas collage One Day In May
I'll be away until the middle of next week… off to spend some time with my parents and sisters in Gippsland.
I'm not entirely sure if internet access will be available. Amazing how attached to it we become (Yikes… will I survive?).
Thank you once again for reading… without you there wouldn't be a "One Day In May" journey for me to take.
Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead… don't get up to too much mischief while I'm away!

Melissa  x
PS. A special thanks also, to my lovely stockists (see list at top left) and my wonderful distributors, Helen and Lori of Pattern Press… for your encouragement, support and generous help along the way. x

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  1. With such pretty & unique patterns Melissa you couldn’t help but be successful in the current craft market. Blogs & Facebook are wonderful tools so that the people behind the creativity have a face & naturally we love being able to comment & chat with those that bring us the patterns we love. Keep up the beautiful work! Tracee xx

  2. Verna Grace

    Congratulations on your first anniversary, and thank you for such fresh ideas and designs. I am patiently waiting for my Homespun magazine for this month and can hardly wait until the postman drops it in my mail box.
    Wishing you many more years of designs and success from Canada!

  3. Congrats on your 1st anniversary you are a very clever lady.The best of luck for the next 12mths.

  4. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. I knew, when you came out with your first design, that you were destined for great things!!

  5. Beautiful post Melissa. You deserve all of the good fortune you receive. I myself cannot wait to see your new pattern release, and I am fortunate to have met you through FB this year and fortunate to be able to enjoy your beautiful creations xx

  6. Congratulations Melissa… a wonderful year indeed and may there be many more of your beautiful designs to entice us all.
    Creative hugs ~ Kerryanne

  7. Congratulations Melissa! You are an ARTIST!! Your patterns are amazing! I love them. Brazilian kisses…

  8. Verna Grace

    Congratulations on your first anniversary, and may there be many more. I received my copy of Homespun today, and love the cushion pattern. Looking forward from here in Canada to seeing lots more designs from you.

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