My “studio” for today…

the perfect Spring day, bird-song and this glorious view from the verandah, make a pretty wonderful "sewing studio" for the afternoon.
Stitching spot 2

Stitching spot 1
Too often, I take these beautiful foothills for granted.
Stitching spot 4
Today I am thankful for the simple things…
As long as I'm able to cross something (or things) off the list at the end of the day… I reckon I'm making progress. There's been a little pattern writing, design tweaking, late night fabric selecting, umming and ahhing, reselecting and a lot of stitching.
Which means I can now show you the third and final "faux doily" for my project. All stitched and ready…
3rd doily 1 One Day In May

Satin stitch fills each leaf… adding just a hint of dimension and some detail to catch the light.
3rd doily 2 One Day In May
I wanted the third design to offer a contrast to the other 2 doilies (found here and here).
After lots of sketching, I decided on quite a "pointy" embroidered edge, combined with the overall shape of a "rounded-diamond".
3rd doily 3 One Day In May
Well, there have certainly been a lot of previews to this new One Day In May design… and this last little photo is the final sneak peek.
Ric Rac Roses ~ One Day In May
I've enjoyed sharing the creative process with you and am
 almost ready to put the whole lot together. I can hardly wait to show you the finished project. It will be my very first…..
You didn't really think I would tell, did you? ; )

It won't be long I promise.
Until then,
Melissa  x

3 Responses

  1. Your work is just beautiful, as always. I can’t believe how creative and talented you are!! Can’t wait to see the finished product. ~karen

  2. Love love love what I’ve seen so far. SO pretty ….. I want to see it all ;o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would finally be brave enough to leave a comment. All your work is so beautiful and unique, you stitching and patterns are very inspiring! Wendy