Just an average Friday night… (in Venice!)

Well, here I was thinking I was in for an ordinary Friday evening in Upper Ferntree Gully… dinner and tidying done, babe settled and asleep, me on the couch playing with a spot of designing.
Well surprise! Instead I've been delighted to find myself window shopping in and around St Mark's Square, VENICE!!! (I know what you're thinking… she's entirely lost the plot now!)
To clarify… I'm living vicariously through my elder daughter these past weeks. She and a friend are travelling at the moment to celebrate the end of Year 12. They've both worked so very hard to fund this trip and I'm so proud of them for tackling such a huge adventure. (Thank goodness for Facebook and Viber! The frequent messaging has played a big part in putting this Mum's mind as ease.)
Back to my window shopping…
Lydia has sent through some truly magnificent photos, as you can imagine… museums, cathedrals, canals… but these take the cake for me!
Shops specialising in lace… and even some in handmade lace!!!!!  around St Mark's Square (apparantly there are many). Yes I'm excited…. these are exactly the kind of places I would hunt down on my travels. Lydia knows this of course.
Window shopping St Marks Square Venice 2
Handmade lace Venice
Window shopping St Marks Square Venice 4
Window shopping St Marks Square Venice 1
Window shopping St Marks Square Venice 3
Thank you for indulging my excitement… I wanted to share these with you tonight, as it means so much that they were shared with me.
Venice 2

And… now you've been window shopping in Venice too!
Wishing you a lovely weekend,

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  1. Hi Melissa…just love Lydia’s beautiful photos of lace. I guess these pics are of Venetian lace. I took some very similar pictures of shops and shop fronts in Bruges, full of beautiful Belgian lace. We were in Belgium for a friend’s wedding last June, so we were able to investigate their beautiful shops. Breathtaking!

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