Joyful Angels…

Remember how exciting it was to open the little windows of an advent calendar? The memories we have from childhood seem to be all the stronger when they are flavoured with a sense of excitement and wonder.
One of my recent fascinations is with vintage advent calendars. I found these beautiful examples here, here and here. Searching through online collections, I found beautiful, detailed illustration and a large variety of embellishment which could only have been applied by hand. Just beautiful!
Most of all I love the Christmas stories and scenes that the calendars tell. Community gathering together…
Vintage advent calendar 6
Vintage advent calendar 7
… angels playing, the gathering of gifts, excitement at bedtime…
Vintage advent calendar 2
Vintage advent calendar 3

Vintage advent calendar 5

… and of course, the celebration of Christ's birth.

Vintage advent calendar 1
A prominant theme through the decades has been sweet faced angels, joy filled and eager to share that joy around.
Joyful Angels are the inspiration for, and is the name of my latest design.
Joyful Angels
16" x 25 wall hanging.

Amongst the redwork, silver thread adds a little sparkle to the stars and candles. A stitched silver ribbon also winds its way down the centre of the tree.
The tree, lower panel and borders are decorated with double-sided fabric stars. They are semi-detached, allowing them to cast a small shadow and add an element of dimension.

Joyful Angels ~ Copyright One Day In May
Joyful Angels angel collage
Joyful Angels top
Joyful Angels stars
Joyful Angels will be released as a pattern with transfer early in August.
In the meantime, it is available right now to those participating in Quilt Fabric Delights' Christmas In July.
It's not too late to join up if you'd like to. For just $45 AUD you'll receive every pattern already revealed plus the many more to come over the rest of July. Check here for details.
Until next time,

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