I have really enjoyed the research aspect of designing lately. I have come across some beautiful waterlily artworks in recent months, which just made my desire to create "Waterlily Dreaming" that much stronger.

This beautiful illustration is by Jessie Wilcox Smith. Look at how she has captured the reflection. I didn't notice the fairies at first, as I am currently a little lily obsessed. An amazing painting.

I can't recollect where I found this beautiful photo, but I love it too much to not share.

This next little one is a draw knob!! I would love to own a whole pond-full, just in case I ever needed them.

Lilypad drawer knob 
I've been organising my jumble of fabrics, notions, threads and papers today. The cats were doing their best to undo my efforts, but I eventually ended up with the physical and mental space required to get some sewing done. I spent the last few moments of good daylight collecting these pretty blues together. My attraction to blue and cream has always been a strong one…couldn't help myself.

One day in may blues selection

I have a special little project in mind, involving gathering and some applique.

Until next time,

Melissa  x 

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