Happy New Year!

Look what I stumbled across… how fitting!
Vintage postcard 
Back of vintage postcard 
It is postmarked Dec. 18th, 1910, so almost exactly 100 years ago!
This little postcard has led me down the path of some research. I have found many, many early 1900's New Years' postcards featuring posies and sprays of violets. All afternoon, I have "googled" and "wikied", but am still unable to find the significance of violets for New Years.
I have found a few relevent facts…
– Folklore says that the violet indicates a love that is delicate.
( so a romantic New Years sentiment…ok I get that )
– In dreams, violets are said to be a positive symbol. Again, according to folklore, dreaming of violets is said to mean that fortune is coming your way.
( Yep. Good luck for the coming year… perfectly logical )
But, for New Years… I think this one is the most applicable.
Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher states that a garland of violets worn about the head will dispel the fumes of wine and prevent headache and dizziness!!!
So… wishing you all a romantic, fortunate and hangover free 2011 !
Happy New Year 2011 One Day In May 
Seriously, wishing you a wonderful 2011. May all good things come to you, those that you dream of and those that you couldn't possibly imagine.
Happy New Year,
Melissa  x

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