Forget text messages…

I never thought I would be a collector of anything, but I have found a new love…

Romantic tokens 
I've spent many an hour in recent weeks, browsing through the huge array of vintage postcards available on etsy and other sites. The above are a few which I have come across. I find them so inspiring. I love the rich colours, the detail of the artwork, the fonts that are used and the embossing which enhances everything!

A little while back I received a lovely little parcel in the mail from Graeme of Jetsam and Juniper. Don't you just love the name? So with just four vintage cards, my very own postcard collection has begun!!

Postcards from Jetsam and Juniper etsy shop 
This "1911" postcard cheekily featured in my "New Year's" post, as I had only just ordered it!

Postcards from Jetsam and Juniper etsy shop2 
The reverse side is always gorgeous too… see the embossing?  It's like seeing a little snippet of history, where it was posted, the names of the sender and recipient and where it was printed.

 Backs of postcards
As convenient as text messages and emails are… I think we're missing out ladies!!! Wouldn't you just love to find one of these pretties in your letter box? I for one, would love to see the return of this tradition… the sending and receiving of little tokens of affection, to be kept as keepsakes and passed down the generations.

Your old chum 
Melissa  x


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  1. Vintage post cards have always intrigued me, too, but I resisted the temptation to collect them. If one really speaks to me, I’ll give it a new home, tho. Your collection is very beautiful.

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know you could get these. They are beautiful and a true mark of what we’re missing these days. I should have sent this comment on a postcard lol. Oh well, I think I might just send you one anyway 🙂

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