Enjoying the “stash enhancement”…

Sometimes putting together a blog post can be a little challenging. It can be hard to get the photos/lighting right. There are days when the words just won't come together. BUT today I have an assistant.

Evie enjoying my stash enhancement purchase 
She simply cannot resist a paper bag! Mmmm, you can see her making plans for that thread. Pretty sure they're not thoughts of the "designing" variety.

So, I thought she'd be satsisfied with the bag for a while and set to laying out the threads for a photo. Now where did I put that camera? (I had to take this pic on the phone, obviously)

Not sure this is particularly helpful in the "post writing".

 Camera love 

I don't think I've ever seen a camera used as a pillow before. I swear this cat will sleep on anything!! She's got such a funny little flat face (kinda squished looking really). Occasionally her little chin sticks out when she rests on things, which makes me laugh.

So, I did eventually get some photos of the yummy fabrics and threads I found on my visit to The Patchwork Teahouse yesterday. I had a great time choosing these fabrics with Libby. I intend to split them up for 2 different projects, but I just love the way they all look together. Maybe there will be enough left over for a third project. I hope so.

Stash enhancement 
Well it's no secret that I adore Cottage Garden Threads… it's just so hard to choose. You just never know what you'll need and when, so I've chosen my favourites for "stash enhancement" purposes. I love to just lay them out, admire the colour combinations and dream of how I will use them.

Look at these subtle softies…

Cottage Garden Threads- stranded softies 
I'm drooling again… and these bright beauties are divine.

Cottage Garden Threads - stranded brights 
I've just spied a new red on the Cottage Garden Threads blog, especially designed for Hug 'n' Kisses. Guess what? We get to enjoy this new colour too. Although I do think I've enhanced my thread stash quite enough for this week. 

Until next time,

Melissa  x


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  1. your pussy cat is so cute! I just want to have a nap with him but there’s just too much to do lol. Loving your blog by the way. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Cheers for now ~ Katie