Deck the Halls ~ a table runner featuring 3-dimensional holly…

It's time… I can finally show you what I've been working on!
I've had this idea for a while now… 3D fabric holly!
A few years ago, I made a holly garland with paper, beads and gold thread as a Christmas decoration. It's looking a little tattered these days, but the idea has stuck and I have been determined to create something similar with fabric.
After some sketching and pondering, I decided that I'd really like to make a wreath.
Deck The Halls ~ Table Runner holly wreath
I've become really fond of the variegated, embroidered leaf-curls, used as a backdrop for the wreath, and can see them popping up again in future designs.
Deck The Halls ~ Table Runner holly closeup
A wreath in a frame would be lovely all by itself, but for this project my mission was to use a range of fabrics ~ "Jovial" by Basic Grey. I also wanted create something that is practical and useable in the home, throughout the festive season.
The result? A 12" x 36" table runner or centre piece for a table or dresser, featuring the right sized wreath to surround a small plate with candle.
Deck The Halls ~ Table Runner candle closeup
I'm not generally one to use novelty prints, but the colours and designs used in the "Jovial" range are fun and feature glimpses of Christmas tradition… with baubles, pine twigs, reindeer and snowflakes. Some simple patchwork with "Jovial" red and the 3 novelty prints has framed the wreath nicely.
Deck The Halls ~ Table Runner full overhead shot
I couldn't resist mirroring the central diamond shape at either end with a triangular panel. I think it's resulted in a slightly elongated look. Repeating the holly at the ends also seemed to draw the whole project together as a whole.
Deck The Halls ~ Table Runner combination

So, there you have it!
That's what I've been up to.
My "Deck the Halls ~ Table Runner" pattern is currently available as a PDF download as part of the Christmas In July event happening over at Quilt Fabric Delights. For just $45 AUD, you'll find a whole collection of new Christmas patterns by various designers, special offers, a social chat room for members, a forum and more. The online event lasts for a whole month, with new patterns ready for download every couple of days. We're 2 weeks in… but joining up is still possible. You will still have full access to all patterns already released. To see some of the patterns we've been enjoying so far, click on "Blog" at the top of the Quilt Fabric Delights website.
For more information, please click on the following link… Christmas In July at Quilt Fabric Delights.

"Deck the Halls" will be available to purchase in stores in the next few months… but will be at the normal retail price.

I hope your week has been wonderful so far. Until next time,
Melissa  x 

4 Responses

  1. This is AMAZING Melissa!!!! I love all the 3D things your doing!

  2. Lovely Melissa,you are very clever,well done

  3. Jenny

    Thanks Melissa. You’re so clever. And the kit is very reasonably priced at Quiltfabricdelights. As soon as my pay goes in – I’ll be getting one. I promised myself no new projects until I have finished what I’ve got but I can’t resist this though. BTW I’ve started the water lily needle keep. The wings on the dragon flies are so gorgeous intertwined with silver – well done. Jenny

  4. Wow Melissa… I LOVE IT, but you already know that.


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