Blackberry Harvest…

I must have had my eyes closed, when travelling up and down the driveway lately…
Somehow until today, I hadn't noticed this lovely crop of blackberries that have been flourishing on a small parcel of council land next to our home. I love their changing colour as they ripen from a lovely red to the deepest of purple blacks.

Blackberry Harvest ~ One Day In May 1

The land there is steep and quite messy in an out of control, overgrown kind of way. Over the last 18 months, we have spent many a phone call asking the council to come for a clean up… to no avail. Today however, I'm kind of glad they haven't been around.

Just look at this gorgeous harvest of blackberries we have for dessert this evening!

Blackberry Harvest ~ One Day In May 2

Blackberry Harvest ~ One Day In May 4

Blackberry Harvest ~ One Day In May 3

Don't they look pretty in these little French hanging glasses. (I'm not sure what else to call them.) I found them a year or two ago in a favourite local shop… Metisse. It is such a beautiful little shop to visit, overflowing with giftware and vintage items all lovingly handpicked in France.

These tiny terracotta pots are another favourite purchase from Metisse. You can get an idea of their size from the spool of Perle thread I've sat next to them. The owner fell in love with these pots while sourcing beautiful wares in France for us to enjoy.

Miniature Terracotta Pots ~ One Day In May

They were covered in soil when she found them… but how could she resist bringing them home? So, that they would be allowed through customs, she spent hours and hours sitting in a poppy field, scrubbing each one clean!! Her hands were raw by the end of they day. How's that for dedication? Talk about having passion for your work!

If you are ever in the Dandenong Ranges, it is well worth a trip to Olinda to visit this sweet store. There is always treasure to admire, and purchase is almost always impossible to resist.

Until next time,

Melissa  x 

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