Birds Of The Meadow…

My little bird has been patiently waiting for his new friend…
Closeup red Birds Of The Meadow 3 - One Day In May Closeup blue Birds Of The Meadow 2 - One Day In May
She's been designed and ready to stitch for a little while… so he has found the waiting a little tough!
Closeup red Birds Of The Meadow - One Day In May
What a tease I have been… but here she is all sewn and in full flight. Can you tell what these new projects are?
Closeup red Birds Of The Meadow 2 - One Day In May
And here he is… my little bird on blue, all complete as well.
Closeup blue Birds Of The Meadow - One Day In May
One last little peek… before the big reveal in a day or two.
Closeup pocket Birds Of The Meadow - One Day In May
So what do you think? Any ideas as to what I've been working on?
And just a little reminder, before I sign off…
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A Wreath For All Seasons ~ Framed Block 2- One Day In May, Creations by Melissa Grant
Until next time,
Melissa  x

5 Responses

  1. Tina Dillon

    Hi Mel,
    It looks exciting. Could it be a journal cover or folder. Whatever it is – lovely workmanship!

  2. Whatever it is, it’s just precious!! Some kind of a ‘keep’! Can’t wait to see more. ~karen

  3. Jenny

    Gorgeous – Is it a storage ottoman?

  4. Great looking work – thanks so much for pointing me to your blog via Facebook. 🙂 I love new creative discoveries.

  5. Laura, thank you so much for visiting my blog!!  I so enjoy your facebook page and the wonderful links you share with us all! : )
    Here’s the link for anyone else reading…

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