Birds Of The Meadow ~ pattern launch and a giveaway!

This week sees the launch of One Day In May's
"Birds of the Meadow ~ fabric storage boxes" pattern…
and you know what that means?

It's time for a giveaway!
OD5 BIRDS OF THE MEADOW pattern cover
Keep your pattern, fabrics and notions close at hand, with these unique and practical fabric boxes.
OD5 Bird of the Meadow - fabric storage boxes Collage smaller file (1)
There are 2 sized boxes to create. The small box is 6½" high x 8" wide, the large box is 8½" high x 10" wide. On the back, the larger features a handy pleated pocket to hold those little notions that can be tricky to find.
Birds of the Meadow - bird panels
The feature of "Birds of the Meadow" is of course these little applique birds… each one created with a dimensional wing and tail.
A lovely combination of dimensional appliqué, stitchery, patchwork, pleated pocket and quilting… this pattern has lots of technique variation to keep the creative process interesting and fun!
Entries close midnight, 28th August, 2011 and the winners will be randomly drawn on the 29th.
Shipments of "Birds of the Meadow" are beginning to arrive at patchwork stores this week. Please refer to the One Day In May stockist list up on the left. You may not find the pattern listed on sites as yet, but you'll find these lovely stores happy to receive an email enquiry.

Until next time…
Melissa  x

26 Responses

  1. Lovely!

    Honestly, I don’t have a “best” way to store my sewing bits and pieces. they are scattered. It drives me nuts!

  2. I love this pattern, I am always after lovely storage solutions for my craft room. I use alot of pretty tins, baskets and boxes at the moment. Decorated jars are great for buttons. For my cottons I use a normal 2 ring binder and I have embroidered a cover for it. I have a thing for labels and tags so there are lots of those too, but despite the containers, and labels I still tend to lose things as Ive always put it in a “safe place” that I cant remember where it was…lol.

  3. Melissa i have been storing my fabric stacked in the cupboard but my bits and pieces are everywhere,and i just adore this new pattern.

  4. Amanda Begelhole

    cd towers are great for fabric…..and then you have little holes for colours and can colour co-ordinate them….I think I may have a little OCD. LOL

  5. Cheryl

    Just gorgeous! Love them to bits. My storage is haphazard and I’m the only one who knows where to find stuff. However, I do have my buttons sorted by colour and sitting in a row in glass spice jars, they look inviting.

  6. Lovely Pattern. I think I am yet to come up with the best way to store my stuff. I had them all in tubs and that was no good now I have them on shelves so I can see them but my stash is pretty big so there are fabrics that don’t see the light of day as they are behind the first row. I think the best storage solution would be a bigger sewing room.

  7. Another awesome pattern!! You just blow me away with your talent and creativity. No way I can keep up with you! I use a hodge podge of storage ideas to keep organized, the #1 being baskets. “Piles” comes in at a close second. ~karen

  8. Well Miss Melissa, first of all – you know I love your designs and secondly, huh, storage. Well it’s more like ‘seek and go find’ here as I try to hide the actual size of my stash from DH. Mostly I have cupboards and drawers but specialty stuff like Xstitch or genre stuff like Japanese I use those clik clak plastic box thingies. They’re not very attractive but do stack well. Have a lovely day
    hugs – Miche’le

  9. Gill

    These are gorgeous! and what a great idea
    My stuff is mostly stored on shelves

  10. Lovely birds! I store my fabrics in plastic boxes with drawers. I organize them by colors. Have a nice week, brazilian kisses, Ane.

  11. Hello Melissa, another beautiful pattern. You have been very busy.

    HELP!!! I need help with storage!! thats why I would LOVE to own a copy of your cute storage boxes…



  12. Oriel

    What a fantastic idea. One of my biggest downfalls is that I do not have many systems in place I always have good intentions but they do not always work. Your projects would be great for me to help me get some order in my hobby room. Looking forward to reading what others do with their storage problems and please add me to your draw.

  13. Janise Fournier

    The fabric boxes are just what I want–something to organise my mounting UFOs! They are currently in folders in a large plastic box–not ideal when I want the one at the bottom! Or else any available nook and cranny in the house has something crafty stored in it!

  14. Jenny

    I just bought a set of IKEA Aneboda drawers. 3 deep drawers and the height is perfect working height if your standing for small jobs. Its not enough though – I’ll have to buy more sets. As the kids are getting older I’m slowly snaffling shelves in the toy cupboard. (much to their disgust!)

  15. Bronwyn

    Hey Melissa, Love the demensional birds, great idea those lovely boxes. My solution for storage is baskets!! I love baskets. Have sooo many baskets. Not too many with the handles, the ones that are like acube or box. They stack ok and they look good. You can hide alot of yummy stuff in them and not even hubby will know

  16. Your pattern is lovely. I love birds and the use of all of the different needlework techniques make it look like a fun project to do. I don’t have a great way of keeping projects together. I have several zip lock plastic bags with a project in each. I do a lot of my work away from home so this keeps them clean and together. At home I keep them in baskets.

  17. Alison Nardone

    Love the pattern Melissa, now to the hot question of storage! My storage is in a combination of things from plastic storage draws, a cupboard, hidden under the work table actually anywhere I can find room in my small hobby corner cheers.

  18. Oooh Melissa you just know that I love these boxes and I can’t resist the chance to win a pattern!!! I wish I could share a best way to store my fabric stash, but I’m afraid mine’s just stacked in the bookcase waiting for me to come up with a better idea lol. I love to store my notions and trims in my gawjus chests of drawers made from treadle machine drawers …. it’s always fun to rummage to the back to see what I’ve got hidden in there ;o).
    Joy (who’s got fingers AND toes crossed!!!)

  19. Carolyn R

    Found your website after looking at your needlecase pattern with the waterlily, just beautiful.
    Now I see these storage boxes and would love to enter and have a chance to win this pattern.
    I love drawers, for small bits and pieces and mainly use shelving ( in cubes) for fabric, but your storage box would be so lovely to have in the lounge for current project.

  20. My storage system is neither pretty nor effective, I might need an intervention. Your boxes are too beautiful to live in my messy studio. I will but them in the living room to show them off.

  21. Kim

    Hi Melissa,

    I think the best way to store fabric is to use it in projects. Then you just need the time to make all the projects. I have just brought plastic drawers for my fabric in the meantime.

  22. Vicki

    I so love this with a passion…and I too like another comment have no idea how to store my stash properly..I am in a constant state of dissarray 🙂

  23. Dianne

    Storing them in see through bags so you dont have to hunt, one look and you have found the colour you want

  24. I started using empty beer boxes (from my husband) but they don’t really fit in my cupboards. What a mess. I love your pattern for the covered box.

  25. I store my buttons in jars and my fabric in clear bins that fit under my bed… I need a studio with my fabric lining the room… well a girl can dream LOL!

  26. Angela

    Dear Melissa, the little boxes are just devin. Wouldn`t they look fantastic in the craft room.
    I try to store my buttons in jars and my fabric in plastic drawers, but, I am always looking for something I know I have, but can`t find. Thank you for the chance to win one of your lovely patterns.

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