“A Weekend in Creative Company” at Country Hart ~ PART 3

After such a lovely Saturday at Country Hart, we were eager for Sunday to begin.
Now, I wish I had more photos of Helen's projects to show you… but if you keep an eye out on her Hugs 'n Kisses blog, I'm sure you will come across them.
Helen created a beautiful chatelaine for the girls to stitch on Sunday. I've borrowed this photo of the scissor keeper from her blog.
There was also a sweet tapemeasure cover and needlebook to match. Each piece has a beautifully matching arrangement of some of Helen's favourite stitches.
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 25
Here is Lorraine's stitchery progress, borrowed from her blog… Grannyloz. Such pretty designs!
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 24
My One Day In May project for Sunday was
"Sweet Roses ~ Brooch and Framed Display Panel".
The brooch is a combination of fabric roses, folded fabric leaves, ric-rac loops and a sweet felted wool heart.

The pieces may be arranged in any number of ways to create a sweet brooch.
Sweet Roses ~ Brooch CH wkend
Of course, it's not every day that you'd be adding this to your outfit… so I thought it could have a double purpose.

Instead of tucking it away in a drawer or box when not in use, I thought it would be a pretty addition to a matching display panel.
(suited to a 5" x 7" frame).
This is the result…
Sweet Roses ~ Brooch and Display CH wkend
At the bottom of the above photo, you can see a 2nd brooch made in blue tones.
The girls picked up the techniques for rose and leaf making quick as a whip. Here are some of their works in progress.
Sweet Roses ~ Brooch and Display CH wkend 2
These roses are also featured in my "Thankful" quilt and have proven to be very popular in class over the past months.

Since mid April, I've taught 97 women to make these little roses. They are such fun to create, can be made in any size and are a great addition to all sorts of projects.
Sunday was also "show and tell day".

Here are a just a few snaps of the girls and their projects.
(The top left is the central panel of "A Cornflower Gathering"
I've always wanted to make up a sample in red, so I was thrilled to see this one!) 
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 26
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 29
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 28
Robyn had organised a weekend full of giveaways for the girls… fabric packs galore!

I ask you… would you perform your best "chicken dance" to win fabric?
I think this may be the true measure of a dedicated fabric collector. ; )
And after the giggles… some more group shots to remember our weekend together.
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 27
Country Hart Designs gathering 2012 ~ 30
Thank you again to Robyn and everyone at Country Hart for having me!
Melissa  x
PS. Keep an eye out for the projects I taught at Country Hart…
They will soon be released as One Day In May patterns and be available at your favourite patchwork store!

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  1. Will definately have to go next year…looks like all had a fabulous time and I could catch up with Granny Loz too 🙂

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