A wee discovery, right under my nose…

I’m currently in a season that seems short on time. But, maybe all seasons are like that in different ways. I feel like I’m rushing… darting from one thing to the next. Errands, organising, school runs, squeezing work in between wherever I can. My mind is never completely on task, and I’m usually thinking about the next thing, not the “right now thing”. I’m not really in the moment as often as I should be. Being truly present is a hard thing to maintain and I know many of us are challenged in that.

One Day in April, as I was rushing to the car with arms full, thinking of school pick up and the things I needed to do before then, I happened to look down. Right next to my feet, something caught my eye. Something that must have been right there every other time I’d rushed to or from the car… not looking or not seeing.

In the middle of our broad concrete driveway was a tiny island of green. A miniature landscape… beautifully formed inside a flaw in the surface.

Moss landscape 1

We live in a the foothills of The Dandenong Ranges, in the outer East of Melbourne. We’re fortunate to be here. The tree covered mountains, clouds that roll in, sometimes beautifully foggy mornings and amazing birdlife draw your attention. Its hard not to notice our incredible surroundings, so my eyes are drawn up… to the hills, trees and sky. I guess I’m distracted in the nicest of ways, and just don’t look down.

Moss landscape 2

This really was a wee little discovery. 2 ½ cm in length at the most. A little oasis of green in the grey, it really caught my attention and I couldn’t resist a closer look.

Moss landscape 4

So perfectly landscaped, with a hillock at one end topped with its very own forest, a lush undergrowth of green and scattering of boulders. It reminds me of a carefully nurtured bonsai, arranged in a beautiful oval dish.

Moss landscape 5 Moss landscape 6 Moss landscape 7

I visit my new found garden quite frequently and watch it change according to the weather. The “forest” can sometimes be quite withered after a dry spell. With a little investigation I’ve learned that the stems of a moss’ “forest” are actually called SETA. The lovely curled tops are CAPSULES. Some days, all varieties of ants rush around and through the little clump. They seem to come from all directions, visit quickly and leave again… like they’ve just popped into the supermarket quickly for a litre of milk. I wonder what draws them here.

This tangled forest of mine, with it’s leafy forest floor inspires me to stitch of course. As do most things. I do love those curled tops. Who knew a tiny patch of moss could appeal as much as it does.

Moss landscape 8 Moss landscape 9

Moss landscape 10

This tiny discovery, that was right under my nose for I don’t know how long, has truly captured my attention. It makes me wonder what else I’ve missed in the busyness and “not quite in the moment state” of the days that pass.

Eyes peeled, I’m trying to remember to stop and see more.

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