A posy of roses and a lily or two…

This week has seen the arrival of Spring…
There have been roses…
I've picked up the pace on a project I began earlier in the year.
Most of today has been filled with the sketching of small stitchery designs, then stitching them, "unstitching them", resketching and so on… as I try to figure out the best way to achieve the overall look I'm after.
I've been trying to come up with the a very old-world feel for this design. And I think I'm getting there…
Little peek 2

As always, there's a combination of lots of different techniques and notions… just the way I like it.
Little peek 3

There have also been lilies…
I also managed to complete two "Waterlily Dreaming ~ Brooches" over the week, ready to mail out as shop samples.
One in pink and white…
Waterlily Dreaming Brooch by One Day In May 2
and one in pink and cream…
Waterlily Dreaming Brooch by One Day In May 3
I thought this shrub in full bloom would make a lovely backdrop for photos, but I'm not so keen on all the bees.
A wonderful sign of Spring I know, but a dozen or so bees (all a little upset at my presence) make me nervous.
Humming bees 2
Nevertheless, the sunshine has been beautiful and Spring has arrived with a full show of flowers… of the real and fabric variety.
Until next time,
Melissa  x

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  1. carolsteffensen

    I so love the roses, and the lillies are awesome.

  2. Great flowers! The stitches are perfect! I can’t wait to sew my own. Brazilian sunny kisses…

  3. this project is looking fantastic and i love the brooches

  4. Wow Melissa… love the brooches… and LOVE the new pattern… I LOVE roses.


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