A little cornflower love…

 Don't you just love the satisfaction that comes with the completion of a project…

This week sees the launch of my latest pattern, "A Cornflower Gathering".

A Cornflower Gathering Pattern Cover 2 One Day In May 
I have filled this pattern with comprehensive photographic instructions, hoping to make your creative journey an enjoyable and hiccup free one. A little quilt label design is also included, which reflects the centre panel style.

“A Cornflower Gathering” has an old-world flavour, and combines gathered borders with fusible appliqué, embroidered stems and a lovely wide binding. I just adore variegated thread and have used it for the stems and leaf-curls. The tonal differences in the gathered border-fabrics reflect this variegation, while the gathers catch shadow and light to add that extra depth to the design.

Over this creative journey, I've taken quite an interest in cornflowers and have done a little research.

If you have a love of history and symbolism, like me…READ ON. If not… SCROLL DOWN to the bottom for details about my giveaway!

Blue bottle, knapweed, star thistle, and bachelor's button… all alternative names for the cornflower. Over different periods, it has symbolised tenderness, fidelity and reliability… and surprisingly, power and majesty.

This little flower has had a lasting significance throughout history…. In the middle ages it was a nuisance weed, severey reducing crops and causing scythes and sickles to become blunt. This explains another name variation – hurt-sickle or blunt-sickle. Now, on the other hand, it has been reduced with persistent herbicide usage to a "sought-after rarity".

European cornflower and Egyptian tile fragment Top: European cornflower, Centaurea cyanus. Bottom: wall tile fragment with C. depressa, Amarna (Egypt), the reign of Echnaton, c. 1350 BC.

In ancient Egypt, the cornflower came to symbolise life and fertility. They have been found in garlands and wreaths decorating the coffins of Tutankhamun's tomb.

The cornflower features in Greek mythology also, which in a round about way led to this beauty also becoming a symbol for Heaven, Mary and Christ.

Interesting how culture evolves…
It is said that when Queen Louise of Prussia was fleeing Napoleon, she hid her children in a cornfield and amused them by weaving cornflowers… this legend is responsible for the cornflower being the national flower of Germany.

From ancient Greek times to now, herbalists have used this little flower to treat eye infections, including conjuntivitis, and to aid in the healing of wounds.

You can read more here , here and here… where I found all of the above information.

Regardless of their history, healing powers, symbolism, duration of cultural significance… I love cornflowers, their fragility, simplicity and mostly their gorgeous blue.


~~So, time to have "A CORNFLOWER GIVEAWAY"~~

A Cornflower Gathering Giveaway One Day In May I love a giveaway and would love it to be you, who receives a little "One Day In May" happiness in the mail.

Cornflower outline

I have 2 "A Cornflower Gathering" patterns to give away. To be in the running, simply leave a comment on this post… couldn't be easier : )



Entries close 9pm, March 10th. Winners will be drawn on the 11th.

Until next time… 

Melissa  x

16 Responses

  1. Oriel

    What a lovely design and I would love to be the winner of your Giveaway. It was very interesting to read about the history of the Cornflower.

  2. Fascinating facts about the cornflower. I love to read about wild flowers and their place in history. And your pattern is utterly gorgeous. Your description of it is wonderful. You are as talented with words as you are with needle and thread!! ~karen

    Thank you Karen, you say such lovely things.- Melissa

  3. Leigh

    Such a lovely pattern. I would love to win it!

  4. SandyG

    What a beautiful little design!! Would love a chance to win…..know the perfect person to make this for..

  5. Lovely pattern, love to be in the draw.

  6. I have always known these lovely little flowers by the name of “bachelor buttons” and have them around my yard. I love how they dance in the wind and my grandchildren love to pick them and make little floral arrangements with them. Thank you for sharing a little history of them. It was fun to read and learn something new. Your designs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with all of us and for the chance to win. Nola

  7. Verna Sherwood

    I love cornflowers, or bachelor buttons as I know them as and would love to win your pattern. You are a very talented lady!

  8. Kez


    I see by your latest projects that you have been truly busy with your ideas & inspirations which have been flowing quite well.

    I just love the runner as I am a fan of cornflowers. I’m look forward to many more great designs from you in the future. I love to sit with a coffee and read your blog. Your blog is full of colourful delights… xoxox KEZ

  9. Wow what a beautiful pattern… I would LOVE to win a copy of one… LOVE all of your patterns.



  10. Jan Knight

    I’m with you Melissa and just love the blue of cornflowers! The history was very interesting too…thanks for that. Would love to be in the draw and you never know! I may win! 🙂 Thanks again, Jan

  11. Julie C

    What a beautiful and delicate pattern. the cornflower is absolutely beautiful, I love the blue.
    thank you once again for a chance to enter this lovely giveaway.

  12. Angela

    The Cornflowers as so beautiful, so pretty. I would love a chance to win a pattern. Thank you.Angela.

  13. kerry mcnamara (previously Bendigo resident)

    Hi Melissa
    What an exciting discovery from a chance comment by you on my friend Robyn’s facebook page I have discovered your site. I love love love the waterlilly pattern and the cornflowers are just divine. My daughter Claire and I love crafting together and I would love to give her the cornflower pattern to really encourage her sewing adventures!

  14. What a beautiful pattern Melissa !

  15. Melinda Wallace

    Oh, what a heavenly idea. My daughter is getting married
    in May and I so want to give her a little cornflower as
    “something blue”. God is an artist. You have captured a little bit of heaven with your art. We love it. This little flower seems to capture a bit of the sky and bring it to earth so we can hold it in our hands.

    Please, please tell us how we can purchase your works of art.

  16. Hi Melinda… what a lovely comment you have given me to read this afternoon! Thank you so much.

    My original samples are available to view at The Patchwork Teahouse (see the link in my Stockist List at the top left). You can purchase the pattern, to create you own A Cornflower Gathering table runner from any of the stockists listed. I hope this helps. Wishing you all a wonderful wedding and time leading up to such a special event. Congratulations to you all ~ Melissa