A “Dream Storage Wish List” and the winners are…

Seeing as I asked everyone to share their storage ideas for fabric and other crafty things, to enter my recent giveaway
I thought it only fair that I share a couple of my "systems" with you. I say "systems", with tongue in cheek, because it's always changing and always seems to be somewhat overflowing in an uncontrolled fashion!
Sound familiar?
I recently bought these little rings from Office Works to help organise my threads… This is by no means my original idea, but I find it really useful.
Threads on rings 3
I like to group them into a colour family or thread type.
It can also be a handy way of keeping the various threads used for a project together.
Threads on rings 2

A couple of months ago, I "upgraded" my stash storage, thanks to my gorgeous sister, who gave me this old chest of drawers on permanent loan. She knew I was struggling with the "boxes under the bed" system and thought this would be the perfect solution.
(I tidied one drawer for you… heheh… the others are a huge mess!)
Fabric storage 1
I do love this worn piece of rustic furniture, and like to store lots of little treasures on the top.
Top of fabric drawers
I found this little clay, bird candle-holder at the Oxfam shop one day. He is a particular favourite.
NOW… these little storage systems of mine, don't deter me from dreaming BIG as far as storage goes.
I have a "Dream Storage Wish List" Do you?
I like to imagine that one day I will be super organised and have infinite space at my "fabric storage disposal". I'll show you a sample or two from "The List".
Be warned, you may never be satisfied with your current system again. ; ) 
This image is originally from "My Home Ideas". Now you can see that they obviously have bathroom or laundry storage in mind here… but not me!
I'm thinking fabric, batting, stabiliser, rulers, trims… you name a quilting essential, and I'm thinking that this storage system would be perfect for it!
The baskets are easily removed and can be taken straight to the sewing machine!

I am hoping to convince my husband to whip up one of these organisational beauties (shown below). You can find a tutorial for this chest conversion with Martha Stewart.
I think it is essential as an aid to my designing (she says with her convincing face on)… what with a filing system for sketches and pattern drafts, stationery hidey-holes AND and inspiration board!!
Yep it's definitely on my "dream storage" list.

This idea is from rossanaorlandi.com. I just love this look… and think I could easily talk myself into storing fabric in these upcycled cases!

But the queen of all stash "dream storage" ideas would have to be this!!
Can you believe it? Just imagine how much you could hide… I mean store, in here!
(Original image from "Storage and Glee")
Look out patchwork stores… fabric storage potential just reached a whole new level.

I found all these wonderful ideas on Pintrest. Do you pin? You can follow my boards here.
Now on to the winners!
I had a wonderful time reading all of your comments and storage methods. Thank you all for sharing your "storage systems and frustrations".
I think we all have a "dream storage wish list" somewhere.

Using the random selector found at random.org, I've selected 2 winners from the 25 entries.
Winners of Birds of the Meadow pattern
Number 2 was Kirrily… WOOHOO!!

I love this pattern, I am always after lovely storage solutions for my craft room. I use alot of pretty tins, baskets and boxes at the moment. Decorated jars are great for buttons. For my cottons I use a normal 2 ring binder and I have embroidered a cover for it. I have a thing for labels and tags so there are lots of those too, but despite the containers, and labels I still tend to lose things as Ive always put it in a "safe place" that I cant remember where it was…lol.

Number 17 was Alison… YAY!!

Love the pattern Melissa, now to the hot question of storage! My storage is in a combination of things from plastic storage draws, a cupboard, hidden under the work table actually anywhere I can find room in my small hobby corner cheers.
Kirrily and Alison will each receive a "Birds of the Meadow" pattern. Congratulations to you! I hope you both enjoy this One Day In May design.

I'll email you both shortly.
OD5 BIRDS OF THE MEADOW pattern cover
Thank you all, once again, for reading and participating in this little giveaway.
Until next time,

Melissa  x

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  1. Yaaay, thankyou so much Melissa, can wait to make them xxxx

  2. Gill

    Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  3. My heart always does a little flip flop when I receive a post to your blog from you. I always know it is going to be pretty and exciting. Love it!

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