A cornflower gathering…

Back in November, I began experimenting with a little collection of blue and cream fabrics. I love working with just the two colours… playing with contrast and texture. The end result is a combination of many ideas and inspirations.

A Cornflower Gathering – Table Runner, began with an art nouveau obsession which developed into pattern repetition. I also found a gorgeous variegated thread (from the Cosmo Seasons range), which inspired me to experiment with a kind of "fabric variegation" in the borders.

A Cornflower Gathering - Table Runner One Day In May 1 
This little project is rich in texture, despite it's simplicity in colour. The border's are ruched, which has given them a slight elevation as well as creating that variegation I was hoping to create. The swirling leaf curls and stems in particular have ended up looking like braid… a combination of chain-stitch and satin-stitch.

A Cornflower Gathering - Table Runner One Day In May 2 

It's been a lot of fun, experimenting with various combinations of simple sewing techniques and different styles. The tricky part is the "naming". The flowers remind me of cornflowers… what do you think?

 A Cornflower Gathering
Until next time,

Melissa  x

PS. Congratulations to Amber!! She is the winner of my Flood Relief Auction, and the recipient of 51 buttons!! Thank you to everyone who participated and a HUGE thank you to Toni and Carli of Make It Perfect, for organising such a wonderfully successful fundraising event. Just look at what we've managed to raise, thanks to their hard labour, patience, organisational skills and generous hearts.



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  1. Oooohhhh that’s lovely Melissa! I love this design – the cut out work in the flowers and leaves reminds me of the designs in Hawaiian quilts – pretty!

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